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Our story 

The Pupil Power Campaign started after Aliyah, 16, attended an education conference in Westminster June 2019. She was exposed to the horrific real stories about what many parents, students, teachers and schools around the UK are being made to face due to funding cuts by the Government. Aliyah reflected on the fantastic work the inspiring adults in the room were doing to restore the damage of the funding cuts but wanted to do more herself. However, Aliyah then realised that she was the only young person in the room. The only 16 year old student that had travelled up to Westminster on her weekend to learn more about the crisis. ‘How insane ?’ She thought. Yet, Aliyah reserved the consciousness to question other young people for not attending as she soon realised it wasn’t their faults-they didn’t know. After discussions with others, it was  revealed that there is high amounts of secrecy existing in suffering schools and that is blinding students to the reality of the issues occurring. They have no clue on who is responsible for their music lessons being cut? And they are unaware why their school is only open for 3 days out of a 5 day school week. They are completely oblivious and to be honest if it wasn’t for the sixteen year old’s particular curious nature and passion for education, she would be unaware also. 

This is where the campaign ‘Pupil Power’ was born. Aliyah thought, ‘If students were aware and educated on the matter, together we could use our power to make changes.’ This is what #PupilPower embodies- the Power Pupils have. Along with several other issues, funding cuts are having an impact on our education and name anybody  better than us ourselves (the students) to stand up and campaign against this issue that is affected us directly.  It is our mission to drive forward the change we want to see before it’s to late. #PupilPower aim to visit schools and donate campaign packs that will provide key resources and information to aid students mini led campaigns in schools and local communities to raise awareness on this silenced matter. We know more than anyone else the consequences of the governments poor decisions, so why not take action. 

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